UC Davis Campus-Wide Initiatives

Current campus initiatives to enhance the performance and services provided by UC Davis to achieve our Vision of Excellence.
  • UC Path: a business transformation for the University of California that will transform HR/Payroll services in three key ways:
        1. Streamline, standardized processes
        2. Shared services center
        3. New technology
  • 2020 Initiative: aiming to sustain and enhance UC Davis, building on existing strengths and resources to become a more active partner with the state in supporting higher education.
  • Incentive-Based Budget Model: an incentive-based budget model with the goal of advancing the Vision of Excellence, linking funding with the activity generating revenue and increasing the overall transparency of the campus budget.
  • Career Tracks: a system-wide initiative to review and develop common job standards for classifying non-represented staff positions into Job Families and Functions.
  • Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards: a major reform of how federal government provides assistance awards (e.g. grants and cooperative agreements). The goal is to increase accountability and transparency.
  • Shared Service Center: continuous improvement of the business model providing finance, human resource and payroll services to campus administrative divisions.