GREAT Training for Creators and Submitters

Participants will be learn about the roles within GREAT, how to enter gifts, pledges, and pledge payments into GREAT and following them through the system.

Course Description

This training should be those individuals who are currently using the GAR form and turning tenders (cash, checks, credit cards, etc.) into the cashier’s office. With the GREAT system rollout, these users will be entering and submitting gifts, pledges or pledge payments through the GREAT webform and sending collected tenders (cash, checks, credit cards, etc) to Advancement Services.

Users will also learn about the different payment types processed through GREAT, how to use the Bulk Create feature, and review entries previously made in GREAT. Receipting of gifts processed through GREAT will now be handled by Advancement Services, while stewardship pieces will be handled by the schools and units.
The training will consist of both hands-on and lecture formats, with users able to practice entering information into the GREAT webform. Time for breaks and a one hour lunch will be are included in the total time for the training.
Users will be receiving a GREAT Users Guide that will help them should they have questions once the training is complete. The initial guide will include an overview of the roles in GREAT, courier information, instructions for using the Create Entry screen of GREAT, running the Stewardship Report in Advance, and who to contact with questions. 


Kelly Best

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