Obtaining Permanent Residence for International Scholars

This course will focus on learning about U.S. immigration regulations and campus policy governing permanent residence applications for faculty and researchers.

Course Description

Topics covered include eligibility for permanent residence, SISS and the department's role in obtaining permanent residence, and the faculty/researcher's role in petitioning for permanent residence.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Know the basic requirements to be eligible for UC Davis sponsorship of permanent residence
  • Have a basic understanding of the three stages most international scholars will need to go through to obtain permanent residence
  • Understand the process necessary to work with SISS to apply for permanent residence for a researcher or faculty person

Note: This course is intended for staff who work in academic departments or research units that hire international faculty and researchers for permanent positions.


Kim Haky
Zuriel Fajardo

Date | Time | Location

September 29, 2022
Hamilton Room, Heitman Staff Learning Center