Executive Coaching

The Case of Jasmine and the “Yeah But” Solution

Procastination in the Face of Tough Decisions

Jasmine (not her real name)  had been the director of a unit on the campus of a nonprofit university for less than two years.  Over the last year, two department  managers retired when Covid-19 expanded, and had not been replaced. Work had been redistributed “temporarily”  six months ago while she delayed in recruiting for replacements because, “it is so hard to hire virtually when we usually operate face-to-face.”

Seven Reasons for Leadership Coaches Now!

During This Season of Pandemic, Economic and Racial Crisis. 

We are in an unprecedented, sustained period of uncertainty. In the U.S., the mysterious novel COVID 19 is once again surging with no vaccination on the close horizon.  Our country is experiencing historic joblessness, and centuries of systemic oppression and racism has been laid bare. 

Millions of people are afraid, de-stabilized and traumatized.  Still, they need to: