woman taking the hand of a colleague

Extend Empathy and Compassion to Others

Our resilience has been tested this year and while we continually adjust to new challenges, we must remember the importance of extending empathy and compassion to others.

This year, we have faced the Coronavirus, social unrest, devastating wildfires and financial uncertainty together. We have witnessed your incredible strength, sacrifice and perseverance in service to our students, patients, colleagues and the broader community. Outgrowing the expectations of those we serve - and our colleagues - has demanded your flexibility, patience and openness to massive change.

Today is election day and we hope you will all vote!

However, whatever the outcome of this election, we still have significant problems to confront together, both at UC Davis and beyond. One way to ensure we all come through this together, is by using our Principles of Community as a guide for our challenging conversations around race, the budget, politics and more.

These ideals will guide us as we continue to navigate through the year 2020 and honor our diverse cultures, experiences, needs, and perspectives. It is our diversity that contributes to our progress and we can all do more to make employees feel like they belong at UC Davis.

Talking about your feelings can help and employees in despair or distress should feel comfortable calling our Academic and Staff Assistance Program, at no cost.

And remember, your voice matters.  Go vote!

Christine Lovely
Chief Human Resources Officer
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources


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