Process Analysis and Design

Process Analysis and Design is a systematic approach to improve our understanding of the business processes of an organization to assist in the realization of tangible benefits such as cost reduction, process efficiency, and effective human resource allocation.

The Process Analysis and Design team in Organizational Excellence supports campus clients on their journey toward high performance by combining talent, experience and campus knowledge with a comprehensive array of methodologies and frameworks to deliver results. Organizational Excellence delivers services to support all phases of a process analysis and design initiative - helping campus units achieve immediate benefits and durable value.

Leading organizations strive for continuous process improvement to create value and optimization in a complex and uncertain environment. Well-planned process analysis and design initiatives deliver sustainable process improvement in key areas such as human resources, finance, payroll, or administrative operations. Process Analysis and Design projects are typically organized into the following phases:

Flowchart displaying phases of process analysis and design

Process Improvement

Analyzing Processes
  • Understand and define organizational process requirements
  • Perform problem identification and analysis
  • Conduct organizational context analysis
  • Business process mapping
  • Process requirement engineering
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Enterprise business process model analysis
Designing or Redesigning Processes
  • Identify and measure process efficiencies
  • Reduce process waste
  • Future state process visioning
  • Process change impact analysis
  • Process re-engineering
  • Process stakeholder (customer) impact analysis
  • Process solution assessment and validation
Managing Continuous Process Improvement
  • Identify key process performance indicators (metrics)
  • Process control chart mapping and tracking
  • Process error prevention
  • Voice of the customer strategies
  • Process defect corrective action planning
  • Right work, right first time framework development
  • Sustainable cost management
  • Operational performance improvement