Self Identified Veterans

Individuals included in this list opted-in to sharing their information as part of our 2018 Veteran Self-identification campaign. Self-identifying as a veteran through UC Path will not result in you being included on this list.  


Department Branch of Service
Ashley Williams Patient Contact Center Air Force
Donald Duran Adult Infusion Cancer Center Navy
Craig Patterson Biomedical Engineering Army
Susie Helton Biomedical Engineering Army
Scott Slayton Letters and Science Dean's Office Navy
Philip Barruel Environmental Health & Safety Army
Chelsea Bills Fire Department Marine Corps
Russell Marsh FOA Business Partners Air Force
Keith Anglin NEAT ORU Army
Calvin Lee Administrative IT Air Force
Julie McCall Information & Educational Technology (IET) Navy
William Hammontree MED: Center for Virtual Care Navy
Felipe Penilla Safety Services - EH&S Marine Corps
Richard Cosens MED: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Air Force
Donald Bruun VM: Molecular Biosciences Army
Marian Brotzman Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Navy
Michelle Hammer Coffer UC ANR - Statewide Program Operations Air Force
Joseph Wetherbee Undergraduate Admissions Marine Corps
Bailey Mathews MED: Ob/Gyn Air Force
Roger Belcourt Occupational Health Air Force
Suzyn Daniel Clinical Affairs, Quality & Safety Army
Bret Caswell Finance Operations & Administration Air Force
Kevin Phelps EH&S Air Force
Hannah Chale VET MED: One Health Institute Army
Alfred Chan Phoenix Cluster Air Force
Jerome Williams Administrative Information Technology Army
Marcella Williams Clinical Social Services Army
Shelley Harris Patient Financial Services Army
Dr. Juanita Braxton MED: Surgery Air Force
Randes Biete Utilities Division:  Power and Lights Air Force
Kenneth Furukawa MED: Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine Air Force & Army
Robert Guider Facilities Management - Utilities - Wastewater Marine Corps
Blair Stephenson Finance, Operations and Administration Navy
Dan McCann Fleet Services Navy
Terrell Cole IT - EMR Support Coast Guard
Daniel Vickers California Animal Health & Food Safety Laboratory Army
Gilbert Mendoza North 1 - Adult Annex Navy
Gerald Ownby FM: Electrical Army
Joe Padilla Supply Chain Management Marine Corps
James Patterson Safety Services Air Force
Andrey Furmuzan FOA:  Business Partners Navy
Shawn Beaman Jr. FM: Elevator Facilities Marines Corps
Raynolds Cardoza Rojas Military Science Army
Kevin Caruso Clinical Engineering Army
Earle A. Wilson Student Housing Navy
Rich Greenleaf FM: Custodial Navy
James Thrash Facilities Management - Utilities - CHCP Navy
Ronald Gephart Fleet Services Navy
Jameel Hall PT Care Services: Lift Team Army
Jonathon Reinaldo PT Care Services: Lift Team Air Force
Joaquin Feliciano Compliance and Policy Navy
Thierry Chambers PT Care Services: Lift Team Army
Cesilio Mercado Fire Department Army
Christian Mercer MED: NICU Navy
Mia Wilson MED: Cancer Center Navy
Stephanie Ladd (McMullen) MED: HME/ACM Air Force
Alan Love IT Business Operations Air Force
Michael Shults Public Health Services Army
Jacob Peter "JP ERES III" Vice Chancellor/Deans Office Navy
Moon Chen Jr. MED: Internal Medicine Army
Wendy Hudson Quality & Safety Air Force
Ryan Tooley Fire Department Air Force
Lynnette Porterfield MED: Sleep Lab Army
Dale Johnson MED: Cancer Center Air Force
Terry Duncan FM: Utilities Metering and I&C Air Force
Timothy Maguire Supply Chain Management Navy
Victor Bognot Facilities Management Air Force
Lawrence Rials Facilities Management Air Force
Jack Rodman Shared Services Organization Air Force
Janice Stires FOA: Utilities Division Coast Guard
Andrea Skiera IT Service: Risk & Safety Solutions Air Force
Katelyn Quinn Accounting & Financial Services Navy
Amanda Willems Organizational Excellence Air Force 
Scott Panzich Fleet Services Air Force
Eric Meyer Design & Construction Management Army
Travis Weaver Facilities Management Marines Corps
Elizabeth Ockenden Budget & Institutional Analysis  Air Force
Mark Martin Environmental Health & Safety Air Force
Danny Sheffield Police Department Army
Jesus Navarro Design& Construction Management Air Force
John Dysart Facilities Management Army
Erich Schultz Fire Department Army
James Mau Admin IT Air Force
Victor Garcia Office of Educational Opportunity & Enrichment Service  Army
Scott Arntzen Design & Construction Management Navy
Davis Housewright Utilities Division Army
Jim Pisano Design & Construction Management Navy
Danny Ly Information Technology Services Navy
Jana Hamilton Accounting & Financial Services Army
Marcia Pereira Graduate Medical Education Army
Zahir Mohammed Accounting & Financial Services Air Force
Robert Castorena Distribution Services Army
Karega Paisley Occupational Health Air Force
Eric Palmer Police Department Army
Garret Feagins Facilities: Energy Conservation Navy
G. Jason O'Campo FM: Utilities Division Navy
Amy Burns Facilities Management Air Force
Katherine Stoddard Information & Educational Technology (IET) Army
Steven Nguyen MED: GI/Endoscopy Army
Eric Graham Design & Construction Management Army
Andrea Whaley MED: Main Pavilion Navy
John Shaw Student Housing Air Force
Marissa Valentin MED: Surgery Air Force
Megan Martinez MED: Pulmonary Services Laboratory (PSL) Coast Guard
Nicholle Monserratt IT Applications Air Force
Robert Guider Facilities Management Marines Corps
Lucas Smith Dept: Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Air Force
Richard Leos Information & Educational Technology (IET) Army
Donald Kreun Global Affairs Air Force
Dean Bunn College of Engineering Army
Fred Tarbox Information & Educational Technology (IET) Army & Air Force
Kevin Alcione Information & Educational Technology (IET) Army
Wilhelm von Morgenland California National Primate Research Center Marines Corps
Kestas Sliupas Information & Education Technology (IET) Marines Corps
Richard Fitzgerald Dept: Statistics Army
John Jones Information & Education Technology (IET) Air Force
Norman Lemay Facilities Management Air Force
Felix Emond Betty Irene Moore:  School of Nursing Air Force
Barron Clark Student Housing & Dining Services  Air Force
John Whitworth Student Housing & Dining Services Army
Mark Gaona Information & Education Technology (IET) Air Force
Karen Hagerman Tahoe Environ Research Center (TERC) Marines Corps
Pete Diaz Police Department Air Force
Earl Raehsler Veterans Success Center Army
Kevin Bracken Student Housing & Dining Services Air Force
Megan Martine MED: Pulmonary Services Laboratory (PSL) Coast Guard
Steven Edington Information & Education Technology (IET) Air Force
Phillip Long Communication Resources Air Force
Shawn Coleman Communication Resources Army
Kimber Ramos Medical & Regulatory Affairs Army
David Shatz MED: Surgery Army
Thomas Harper Pharmacy Operations Army
Kent Erickson MED: Cell Biology & Human Anatomy Army
Randy Bergstrom Transportation Coast Guard
VIdal Ramon MED: Eye Center Air Force
Kimber Chavez MED: Ophthalmology Coast Guard
Scott Dyer Division of Social Sciences:  IT Service Center Navy
Angela Oates Ceremonies & Special Events Air Force
Adam Siegel Library Humanities Air Force
Tom Rumsey Biological & Agricultural Engineering Air Force
Robert St Cyr ASUCD Air Force
Arthur Dublin MED: Radiology Navy
Charles Deardorff Clinical Engineering Navy
Jenna Wilkerson Pharmacy Dept. Army
Kimberly Beres MED: Anesthesiology & Pain Services Army
Ralph James Information Technology Marines
Jorge Mendoza Public Health Sciences Air Force
Robert Stuart IT eHR Hosting Army
Robert Van Ostrand Chemistry Marines
Catherine Kenny Strategic Communications Army
Arnaldo J. Silva Cardiology Air Force
Kelly Devine PCN Air Force
Maribel Morales School of Veterinary Medicine Navy
Allison Brickey Nurse Corp Army
K. Myishe Parker PCS Quality & Safety Army
Samona MacDonald Emergency Medicine Army
Scott Pritz Laff