Employee & Labor Relations at UC Davis Health

Employee & Labor Relations at UC Davis Health

General ELR Contact

    • To ensure seamless communication and accurate records, please update your contact information with our new email address in your records and relevant documents.

    • While emails sent to our previous address (hs-employee-and-labor-relations@groups.ucdavis.edu) will still be received by our team, we strongly recommend updating your records promptly to prevent any potential confusion or delays in the future.

  • (916)-734-3362

We strive to return voicemails within 1 - 2 business days. 

Our Leadership Team



Adam Burkholder, Director, Workplace Violence Prevention

(916) 734-4436


Mallory BoeckmanDirector, Employee Relations

(916) 734-4189

Jess Parker, Manager, Healthcare HR Compliance

(916) 952-1486


Shareef Valentine, Director, Labor Relations

(916) 949 8600


Supervisor Updates

UC Davis Health CX Bilingual Special Pay Process (Updated 11/6/23)