Onboarding Steps - UC Davis Health

Onboarding Steps

Once you have accepted the offer of employment at UC Davis Health, you will be guided through the following pre-employment activities. A delay in completing these activities could delay your start date. We appreciate your timely engagement in the onboarding process.

Step 1: Employee Data Gathering Form (Online)

Your recruiting contact will provide a link to the Employee Data Gathering Form. Completing this form is your first important step to ensure we have the correct information to get you started as a new employee in our systems.

Step 2: Background Screening (Online)

You will receive an email from Universal Background Screening (sent from eforms@universalbackground.com) with a link to complete your background check online. This background check screening includes a criminal background check and may also include verification of relevant educational degrees, license(s) and certification(s).

Please check your spam or junk mail if needed, and notify your recruiting contact if you do not receive this email shortly after accepting your offer of employment.

Step 3: Employee Health Screening (In-Person)

Your assigned onboarding specialist will send you a link to the Employee Health Screening appointment form. After you submit the form, Employee Health Services (EHS) will contact you within 2 business days to schedule your appointment. IMPORTANT: Your appointment should be scheduled at least 2 weeks or more before your start date to ensure results are received and cleared in time to start.

For additional information, please visit the EHS Pre-Employment Information web page.

Step 4: Employee Eligibility Verification: I-9 Tracker (Online and In-Person)

We use the I-9 Tracker system for employee eligibility verification. This system allows you to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form online prior to the in-person appointment required to validate documents for Section 2.

Once your employee health screening appointment has been scheduled, your onboarding specialist will conveniently schedule your I-9 appointment for the same day.

Step 5: Drug Screening (In-Person)

You will receive an email passport from Quest Diagnostics (sent from noreply@questdiagnostics.com) with the subject "Your Drug Screen QPassport." Please check your spam or junk mail if needed, and notify your onboarding specialist if you do not receive this email. 

The drug screen MUST BE COMPLETED within 48 business hours (not including weekends). Prospective employees who fail or refuse to participate in the drug screening process will not be hired.