Organizational Development

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Organizational Development

Organization Development (OD) is a field of research, theory and practice that is dedicated to improving organizational efficiency and effectiveness through the application of systems thinking. A behavioral and social science discipline, OD continuously applies diagnosis, action planning, implementation and evaluation, with the goal of transferring knowledge and skills to organizations to improve their capacity for solving problems and managing future change.

Discovery is at the heart of organizational development -- discovering leverage points, strengths and potential among organizations, teams and individuals. Successful OD work is collaborative and future-oriented. Through OD, organizations can improve effectiveness, achieve goals, build capacity, and creatively manage challenges and change. In short, OD is the catalyst that helps organizations get from where they are today to where they desire to be.

Organizational Development Services

Providing Customized Consultation
Leadership Coaching
Facilitator Coaching

Supporting Learning and Development
Change Management for Supervisors
Change and Resiliency
Strategic Planning
Change and Transition
Creating High Performance Teams

Leveraging Strategy
Mission, Vision and Values Identification
SWOT Analysis
Customer Feedback Assessments
Initiative Planning
Best Practice Research and Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Workforce Analysis
Change Management Consultation and Planning
Root Cause Analysis

Enhancing Work Group Interactions
Meeting Planning and Facilitation
Team Building
Focus Groups
Training Classes
Retreat Planning and Facilitation

Increasing Team Effectiveness
Team Effectiveness Assessment
Work Climate Assessment
Communication Protocol
Conflict Management Approaches
Needs Assessment