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Suggested Courses


Leadership Essentials: Leading Change - Change is not an event; it is a process. Change can happen quickly and, in some situations, can be urgent. However, it can take time for individuals to make the transition from one way of working to another. The change process isn't simply about introducing new systems, it's about leading people to a new way of working. 

Leading Teams though Change - Effective leadership is key to change management. Leading Teams through Change discusses the challenges of change management and how to motivate your team during a period of change.


Five Steps to Perfection: Implementing Lean - All types of organizations can use lean to become more efficient. This course explores lean implementation in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing settings. (eCourse)

Using Lean for Perfection and Quality - Lean methodology comprises a powerful set of tools designed to optimize perfection and quality in a manufacturing or service organization. 5s is a tool for organizing and creating a productive work environment. 

Process Improvement

Customer-driven Process Improvement: Basic Framework - Letting customer needs drive your process improvement efforts can increase the changes that your product or service will be favored by customers.

Customer-driven Process Improvement: Mapping and Measuring Processes - Mapping and measuring your current processes, especially those that are most critical to customers, are important steps in improving them.