Achieving Maximum Influence with Limited Authority

The ability to influence is one of the most important skills of an effective professional.

Course Description:

This course will develop your capability to assess and increase your influential power to ensure your voice is heard and you achieve your goals.  Effectively exercising influence when you don’t have the formal authority to mandate action is a common challenge. Whether you work in a functional organization, a matrix organization or lead a cross-functional team, your goal is to contribute your best, support the team, and ensure goals are met. The skill of influencing is essential.  To exercise influence without authority it is important to understand the nature of power and influence in your organization, understand your own personal sources of influence, and know how to leverage your strengths. Successful professionals build stakeholder networks and this workshop builds the skills necessary to employ these interpersonal and leadership skills putting you in a position to manage the often complex relationship dynamics of the workplace.   

This workshop includes hands on activities for practical application as you evolve your influencing skills, participants will:

  • Understand what influencing is and is not
  • Learn why communication, perception and self-awareness is essential to being influential
  • Explore barriers to being influential
  • Identify the keys to being influential
  • Practice how to plan and achieve influential outcomes

UC Davis Health

Date | Time | Location

Ticon III - Training & Development Classroom, Room 2400


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