Business Operations


  • AggieService User Training
  • New User Training. Overview of AggieService case management system used for human resource and payroll actions. Course will provide users with hands on experience in submitting cases, checking status of cases and navigating AggieService using the Lightning Experience.

  • AggieService User Training: Beyond the Basics
  • This class builds upon our beginning AggieService user training. The curriculum is geared toward the AggieService user who wants greater knowledge of system functionality: different ways to communicate within a case, deciphering the case feed, navigating the details and related tabs, the approval process, case routing, case teams, adding a watcher, creating reports and custom list views.


Lean Six Sigma

  • Yellow Belt Training
  • Lean Six Sigma is a fact-based, data-driven philosophy of process improvement; it drives customer satisfaction and bottom-line results by reducing waste. This single day, interactive training was developed in conjunction with UC San Diego and Rath & Strong Consulting, LLC. It uses a hands-on group experiential learning simulation to explore process improvement tools, including the DMAIC model, value stream mapping, Lean 5s, data analysis tools and process sigma, to apply the concepts of Lean Six Sigma in real-time while demonstrating real-life application in higher education. After completing a single, full-day session, participants will obtain their Yellow Belt certification.

  • Green Belt Training
  • Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two popular continuous improvement methods—Lean and Six Sigma—that empower organizations to achieve operational excellence through proven problem-solving and continuous-improvement techniques.

    In this online course designed for individuals responsible for managing or participating significantly in any business process activities, you will gain the skills needed to encourage a culture of service excellence, continuous improvement and empirically-based decision making. Through pre-recorded lectures and live class discussions, you’ll learn a systematic method to improve performance and reduce variation in business operations to achieve productivity and profitability gains. You will also work on and complete a real process improvement project that directly impacts your organization’s bottom line. By the end of this course, you will possess the knowledge and tools needed to lead process improvement projects that increase quality, consistency, speed and financial savings for your organization.

    Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive a Green Belt Badge, recognized globally as an indicator of master of LSS expertise.

    Fees: $2,495


Project Management

  • Managing Projects to Success
  • Our 3-day Managing Projects to Success workshop welcomes both UC Davis Health and UC Davis campus employees and delivers impactful learning in what it realistically and practically takes to successfully manage projects. Instruction focuses on application of the Project Process Architecture (PPA)™, a tested, proven, and repeatable process for managing projects implemented in numerous UCD and UCDH organizations. The hallmark of this workshop is its practical, hands-on learning and you experience highly interactive activities that feature UCD and UCDH sample projects! The “take-away” content of this workshop is high. A project management methodology tool kit supports the learning and is designed as both a learning and job aid which is delivered as a robust Excel-based project management methodology toolkit. In addition to understanding the principles and practices that make for successful projects, you learn tips and tricks for leading a project team, managing up, and how to strengthen your professional voice when managing projects. You will be well-positioned to immediately apply the learnings to your projects! **Note: This is a three-part course, and all three sessions are required to receive credit for course completion.**

  • PMP Boot Camp
  • Our 5-day PMP® Boot Camp welcomes both UC Davis Health and UC Davis campus employees and delivers a learning experience designed to successfully prepare you to sit for the Project Management Institute’s (PMI)® newly updated professional project manager certification exam. You will achieve a deep understanding of the nature of the PMP exam, gain test taking strategies, and thoroughly review the latest content of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) processes, knowledge areas, domains, tools, and techniques. The boot camp is highly interactive with hands-on activities and numerous practice tests that feature questions like those found on the exam. Additional personal study is highly recommended following this boot camp, and to support your continued preparation you receive all the content and learning aids you need, including a web-based exam simulation tool for self-paced practice exams and further study. Join us and achieve your PMP! **Note: This is a five-part course, and all five sessions are required to receive credit for course completion.**


International Scholar Services

  • Foundations for Understanding International Students
  • This interactive course is an introductory course to Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) Advising International Students Certificate Series. We will be sharing SISS mission and purpose, future and goals of SISS. This course gives and overview of the international student population and experience at UC Davis. The discussion includes challenges international students face and provides suggestions for how to create a more welcoming environment and how to advocate for international students.

  • Hiring International Scholars Using the J-1 Visa, Part 1
  • Participants will learn about U.S. immigration regulations and campus policy that govern hiring non-U.S. citizens using the J-1 visa, and how they can work with the staff at Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) to facilitate the international hire. Topics covered include determining the right visa and extending a person's J-1 status, and how to help international faculty/researchers in this complex process.

  • Hiring International Scholars Using the J-1 Visa, Part 2
  • Participants will focus on special situations in hiring non-U.S. citizens using the J-1 visa, selecting the J-1 categories, applicable bars, effect of the two-year home residency requirement, facilitating international travel and how to help international scholars avoid common pitfalls.

  • Hiring International Scholars Using an H-1B Visa, Part 1
  • This course is intended for staff who work in academic departments or research units that hire international faculty and researchers and would like to know more about the process of filing for an H-1B visa. Participants will learn about U.S. immigration regulations and campus policy that govern hiring scholars using the H-1B visa status, the department's role in obtaining a new H-1B visa or extending an employee's H-1B visa or status and how they can work with the staff at Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) to facilitate the international hire. By the end of the course, participants will: 1. Know when to use an H-1B visa and the visa requirements, 2. Understand the process necessary to work with SISS to apply for an initial or extension H-1B & 3. Gain basic information on O, TN, E-3 and H-1B1 visas that can be used in some cases as an alternative to the H-1B.

  • Hiring International Scholars Using an H-1B Visa, Part 2 
  • This course is intended for staff who work in academic departments or research units that hire international faculty and researchers, and who have already taken our H-1B class part 1. Participants will focus on special topics in hiring non-U.S. citizens using H-1B visas such as the comparative benefits and restrictions of the H-1B (including using the alternatives of the O, TN, E-3 or H-1B1), facilitating international travel, change of employer, part-time employment issues, and union notification. By the end of the course, participants will know: 1. The comparative benefits of the H-1B visa category, 2. The most important restrictions and limitations of the H-1B visa, 3. Special issues related to travel and employment, 4. The paperwork needed and special issues in completing SISS forms used in the process of filing an H-1B petition.

  • International Student Advising - Graduate Students
  • Topics covered include role of the SISS, an overview of the IGlobal portal, student status requirements vs status benefits, intersections between academic and immigration advising and special issues for graduate students. By the end of this course, participants will have reviewed: - Functions of the iGlobal website; - Situations in which graduate students will need to be referred to SISS; - Different issues related to enrollment, employment and student status; - Role of the graduate advisor in advising international students; - Most common international student issues.

  • Obtaining Permanent Residence for International Scholars
  • This course is intended for staff who work in academic departments or research units that hire international faculty and researchers for permanent positions. Participants will focus on learning about U.S. immigration regulations and campus policy governing permanent residence applications for faculty and researchers. Topics covered include eligibility for permanent residence, SISS and the department's role in obtaining permanent residence, and the faculty/researcher's role in petitioning for permanent residence. 

  • Using SISS iGlobal to Process J-1 Visa Requests
  • This course is intended for staff who work in academic departments or research units that hire international faculty and researchers and are required to process requests to bring J-1 visiting scholars to UC Davis. In the past, departmental contacts submitted J-1 requests on paper, but now SISS has an online system called iGlobal. This course is a prerequisite for obtaining access and using iGlobal. Participants will receive an introduction to iGlobal, see the contents of online forms, learn the workflow for online processing of J-1 requests and learn how to complete required web forms and submit an online request to SISS. By the end of the course, participants will be able to request access to iGlobal and will be prepared to begin processing J-1 requests.

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Financial and Administrative Systems

Courses in this section focus on policy issues related to UC Kuali Financial System (KFS) will be addressed when appropriate. Core KFS training is offered through Accounting & Financial Services.

  • Internal Controls at UC Davis
  • To meet its bold aspirations UC Davis and its students, faculty, and staff, need to make sure resources are protected and used wisely. Effective internal controls help us do both. You will be in a better position to help our university thrive after you learn about UC Davis' internal controls and the nationally recognized framework upon which they are based.

    This course, aimed at any UC Davis employee managing university resources, teaches you what internal controls are and how UC Davis uses them. It highlights how internal controls should be used within each UC Davis department and unit. 


  • Foreign Travel Overview
  • An overview of university policy, procedure and some helpful tips for international travel. This session takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

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  • Business and Revenue Contracts Forum
  • Overview of What Business & Revenue Contracts does, as well as the types of agreements they negotiate, process workflows, and online resources that can benefit anyone processing contacts. The forum will also discuss items that departments should verify prior to submitting agreements for Business & Revenue Contracts review and approval.

  • Intercampus Order/Charge/Interlocation Transfer of Funds
  • Overview of the process for Intercampus/Interdepartmental Order/Charge (IOC) and Interlocation Transfer of Funds (ITF), including review of the request forms.

  • Travel Card Forum
  • This forum will provide updates that will be beneficial for both cardholders and staff who manage the Travel Card process. Topics that will be covered at the forum will include: • Review of the recent Travel card survey results • Sharing best practices • Question and answer session

  • UC Abroad 
  • Travel abroad is an enriching part of many research and educational programs. This course will help you plan a safe and successful trip, whether you are a student, researcher, or administrator. By the end of the training, you will be able to recognize and reduce personal safety, health, and security risks during travel.

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Gifts and Endowments

  • Advance - Gift Inquiry
  • The course provides an overview of Advance Web gift transaction details. Participants will learn how to identify the different types of transactions and the data populated within each transaction. Below are other items that will be reviewed: - Matching gifts - Donor Advised Funds - Allocations - Pledges and pledge schedules - Appeals Codes

  • Advance Web Access and Security Video 
  • For access to DEVAR’s data and information systems (Advance, PMATS, DEVAR Intranet, GREAT, Campaign Reports, Gift Reporting, DO Metrics, CAAA Membership Reports, and/or Michelangelo Pro), users must watch and complete the Advancement Services Security video. By clicking on the Launch eCourse button, I certify that I have read and understand the Advance Security and Use Statement below: I understand that in the performance of my duties at UC Davis, I must hold information in confidence. I have read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy. I understand that unauthorized disclosure of personal/confidential information may result in charges of Invasion of Privacy. I understand that it is against UC Davis and Development & Alumni Relations policy to seek out or use personal or confidential information relating to others or make use of University equipment or software for my own interest or advantage. I understand that it is also against UC Davis and Development & Alumni Relations Policy to access private data belonging to other users without their express consent. I understand that Advance, GREAT, Campaign Reports, Gift Reporting, DO Metrics, and DEVAR Intranet, and the data contained therein, and the data contained in Michelangelo Pro are the property of The Regents of the University of California, and are for official University Business only. No release of this information may be made to outside organizations or persons without written authorization. No use of this information may be made following the termination of University employment. I am aware that the References and Related Policies on Page 2 outline University policies and State and Federal laws governing use of computer systems and disclosure of information. Violation of local, state, or federal statutes may carry the additional consequence of prosecution under the law, where judicial action may result in specified fines or imprisonment, or both, plus the costs of litigation or the payment of damages, or both. I acknowledge receipt of a UC Davis Development & Alumni Relations computer access code (user ID) and password and understand that I will be responsible for all entries made thereunder. I understand that my user ID and password are to be accorded the same significance as my handwritten signature and that the delegation of my user ID and password to another person, or my use of another person's user ID, may be considered False Representation. I understand that under California State Law any person who maliciously accesses, alters, deletes, damages, or destroys any computer system, network, computer program, or data is guilty of a felony. I understand that failure to comply with these regulations may result in disciplinary action, which could include release from employment.

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  • GREAT Account Manager Training
  • With the move to GREAT, schools and units will designate some users as Creators and/or Submitters of gifts in GREAT; while some users will have view only permissions, and be able to see entries and images in GREAT. Others users, Account Managers, will have the ability to view entries made in GREAT once the entries have made it to the Processing state. At this point, the entry will appear in Advance and Decision Support. Participants of this will get a brief overview of the new process using GREAT, learn how to search for entries, and understand the different statuses in the system. Participants will also learn how to read the gift details screen, view images attached to gifts, review the financial details of entries, and see the history and money movement of each entry. Users can use the tracking numbers in either GREAT or Decision Support to see where the money associated with an entry is during process and how/where money has been deposited. Once a unit is using GREAT, the CR doc will no longer be used, receipts will be sent by Advancement Services and the school or unit will be responsible for sending stewardship pieces to the donors. Who should attend: Participants in the training should be those development staff who want/need the ability to view entries and images in GREAT or who have been designated Account Managers and will need access to see how/where money movement has occurred on a gift. Users will need to complete the Advancement Services security training video, while the Account Managers should also have access to Decision Support. The video and acknowledgement form can be found at: as part of the online registration.

  • GREAT Inquiry Only Training
  • This training will show users how to find/search for gifts in GREAT, review gift details, view the movement of funds, and review receipts and other documents associated with a gift. Attendees should be those who want or need access to GREAT to see and review gifts. The training for inquiry only users is approximately 30 minutes. Account managers should attend the account manager training offered separately.

  • GREAT Training for Creators and Submitters
  • This training is for the pilot groups of the new GREAT software and centralized gift processing. It is designed for creators, submitters, and supervisors of gifts within the GREAT environment..

  • Michelangelo Training
  • Learn how to approach our data like the great sculpture himself! Spend 60 min training with Advancement Services on the functionality of Michelangelo. We’ll be crafting examples for mailing lists and donor totals. Bring questions and examples for work time after the formal training. For questions about accessibility or to request accommodations please contact the DEVAR Help Desk. We will work with you to ensure that our training meets or exceeds your access needs. Contact DEVAR Help Desk at or (530) 754-1106, Option 2.


Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

Risk management is everyone's business. The scope of enterprise-wide risk management reaches far beyond the traditional risk management territory of insurable risks to include uninsurable risks. Whether you are a staff member, manager, supervisor, or safety coordinator, you are accountable for university resources. The course in this section contains the most current information available so that you have the skills necessary to assess risks, prevent losses, and address a wide variety of liabilities.

  • How to Survive an Audit
  • This course will provide information to participants on how to respond to both internal and external audits, with a focus on how UC Davis' Audit and Management Advisory Services can help. (Keyword: RACS)


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