Manager Tips and Tools

Tips and Tools for Managing Remote Workers

It is up to you to create the conditions that allow your team to do their best work and to have the most job satisfaction possible. Here are five tips to help your team succeed.

Document Flexible Work Arrangements

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Communicate Well

  • Establish communication methods and expectations.  Avoid "raising the bar" on frequency or response time...concentration is quickly lost if emails are always "on." 
  • Schedule regular team meetings and individual check-ins. Do not require video on zoom/web-ex.
  • Avoid having partial zoom/partial in-person meetings as they are not as effective and may not support equity.  Best policy is all-zoom or all-in person.

Establish Clear Expectations

  • Establish core hours where everyone is available and allows for meetings and collaboration.  Be flexible with hours outside of core hours.
  • Be flexible, but require a written schedule of hours, at least on a weekly basis to allow for changing circumstances.
  • Schedule regular check-ins with your staff to ensure they have the information they need, have work assigned to them, and are able to reach you for any questions and/or guidance.
  • Work with individual team members to agree to specific guidelines around key work outputs, ensuring input and clarity.

Support Your Team

  • Allow for flexibility in flex-time (work hours and days) to optimize the benefits of flex place.
  • Make sure your team has the tools they need to do their work effectively and comfortably.
  • Check in frequently with your individual staff members. Monitor their well-being.
  • Lead equitably by responding to each person's unique circumstances and needs.

Be positive and trust employees will work productively

Instead of focusing on how many hours your employees are working, re-emphasize a focus on measuring results and reaching objectives—regardless of work arrangement. The employee’s completed work product is the indicator of success, rather than direct observation.

Develop your Team

Utilize change as an opportunity to encourage additional professional development in your team. Speak with each employee and together decide what classes might be helpful or of interest to help them.  Consider exploring work optimization skills to better manage the work-from-home experience.