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What Drives Andrea Aguilar?

Shared Services' newly-appointed Associate Director for HR & Payroll Services sat down with Ben Mundy to share insights into what shaped her.


Andrea, please give us a timeline on your career path at UC Davis. 

Aggie Service Fix Notifications

Fix UpdatesThe AggieService Development Team, in partnership with the SSO Service Desk, are committed to continuous improvements for both UC Davis campus and Health system users. In our commitment to provide you with the best customer service, we will be keeping you updated on improvements and fixes each month our team has delivered on. 


May 21, 2024


IET's Sam Irungu - A Man On A Mission

Meet the brains behind Aggie Service.  When he's not leading an effort to bring running water to his home in Kenya, or raising his young family, Sam oversees the development and security of one of UC Davis' most widely-used systems.

A Conversation with HR Manager, Teri Sugai

Terri Sugai came to UC Davis mid-career looking for a change after working long hours for a small family-run company. She started off her journey at Davis in Central Payroll but hoped to enter a more HR-focused position. In 2008 Terri made the switch to work at Facilities before helping to create the Shared Service Organization as we know it today.

Interview by Ben Mundy

You played a significant role in creating the SSO. Tell us about how it came to be, how that led to today, and what your role was.