The Disability Management Services program is available to assist faculty and staff to remain working or return to work when a medical condition or disability interferes with the ability to perform job duties.

Disability Management efforts are dedicated to reducing the human and fiscal cost of workplace disability to UC Davis. The university recognizes employees prefer to work, earning full income and gaining satisfaction from what they do. Assisting individuals with medical conditions which affect their work helps retain competent, trained university employees. This is accomplished by:

  • Providing educational and early intervention services to prevent or minimize the effects of disability in the workplace.
  • Assisting employees with disabilities in overcoming disability-related restrictions or limitation.
  • Implementing UC Policy and Collective Bargaining Agreements regarding return to work, reasonable accommodation and medical separation.
  • Utilizing an interactive process in consulting with employee, management and other Human Resource units regarding workplace disability issues.

Core Services

  1. Under ADA/FEHA, Disability Management Services provides services to retain faculty and staff with illness or disabilities when their work is impacted by a medical condition. This program educates managers in ADA/FEHA related issues in order to prevent grievances, litigation and ensure compliance with State and Federal legislation.
  2. Under the California workers compensation system, Disability Management Services provides early intervention to faculty and staff who have been industrially injured and provides mandated vocational rehabilitation services to qualified injured workers.
  3. Under policy, provide systemwide and campus mandated services: reasonable accommodation, review and approval of medical separations.