Student Recruitment Guide

Student Recruitment Requests

This information is intended as a quick reference for Shared Services Organization (SSO) clients.  This information does not replace counsel provided by the Student Employment Center (SEC) or unit/departmental Human Resources staff and may not describe every step required by your department.

The timeline associated with student recruitment varies widely dependent on the type of position, number of applicants, availability of the Student Employment Center staff and other factors.

Recruitment Preparation (Stage 1)

  • Funding Source: Confirm position's fund source(s) and associated account number(s) with your financial/budget officer.
  • Previous Handshake: Determine if a previous Handshake ID exists. If so, please review the old posting for accuracy. Make any necessary changes (i.e., job description, qualifications, rate of pay, etc.).
  • Background Check:Review the background check determination worksheet to determine if a background check is required for the position.  Most student titles require only the Department of Justice (DOJ) background check; however, there are some positions that may require both a Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and a Department of Justice (DOJ) check. For additional information, please visit the Background Check Program website.
  • DMV Pull Notice: Review the following links to determine if your position requires the employee to sign up for the EPN Program:
  • Submit Student Recruitment Request: Submit (or ask your department representative to submit) a Recruitment Request to SSO via AggieService. Be sure to click on the radio button that says, “Student”.  Ensure all fields are completed on the request. Any fields left incomplete may result in a delayed posting. Please reference previous Handshake if one is available. Other items which are necessary are as follows: Object Code (for account number), Hiring Dept Code, and letting us know whether you require both FBI and DOJ background check.

Post the Position on Handshake (Stage 2):

  • Recruitment request approved: Once the request is approved, SSO HR will draft a new or revise the previous Handshake posting as necessary. If there are no significant changes to the position, SSO will submit the position to Student Employment for approval, classification, and/or posting. If there are significant changes, SSO will return the drafted/revised position to the point of contact listed in the recruitment request for final review.
  • Final Handshake draft approved: SSO will contact the department if the assigned classification for the position differs from the initial requested classification.
  • Job posted: Job is posted and visible to students on Handshake for 2 weeks unless otherwise specified. Students will apply via Handshake website unless recruitment request specified alternative application process (i.e. in person)

Hiring Decision (Stage 3):

  • Selected Student Hires: Submit selected student hire(s) including contact information and student ID in original recruitment request. Please do not submit an additional recruitment request with hiring decision information.
  • Conditional Offer of Employment: For positions which require a background check, determine whether the offer will be contingent, with or without restrictions.
  • SSO HR Receives Background Clearance: SSO HR receives background check clearances from Central HR and lists them on the recruitment request. If the student does not clear the background check, the department point of contact will be notified outside of the recruitment request.
  • Verify Employment Eligibility: SSO HR verifies employment eligibility in Banner based on student status specific to each position (i.e. registered units, academic standing)
  • Onboarding: SSO HR determines if onboarding is necessary.
  • SSO HR Notifies Selected Students: SSO HR will notify selected students and coordinate background checks (if needed). SSO HR will also invite selected students to the closest mass hire event (if hiring decision is made 48 hrs. prior to scheduled mass hire event) and provide all necessary documentation/information.


  • Students Attend Hire Event: Student attends mass hire event or one on one appointment and completes all required pre-employment documentation. Students are eligible to begin working after an event/appointment if all documents are completed. Students who do not provide acceptable documents are given a grace period to complete the documents. The department will be notified once the student is cleared to work.
  • Processing Hire: SSO Payroll processes new hire into payroll system (UCPath). The department does not need to wait for this step prior to starting new employee.
  • Timesheet Creation: Once timesheet system syncs with UCPath, timesheet will be created.