Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are my vacation accruals calculated?
  • Several factors are considered in calculating vacation accruals: your percent of appointment, your salary grade, your years of qualifying service, and whether or not you are in the PTO program (currently available to non-represented hospital employees).  To find out your accrual rate, click on Leave Code and Associated Accruals and select the appropriate table that matches your current status.
  • When will my vacation accruals increase?
  • For all non-management staff hired after July 1, 1996, vacation/PTO leave accruals increase at 10, 15, and 20 years, at which time employees have reached their maximum accrual rate.

    For management and senior professionals (MSP), vacation/PTO leave accruals increase at 5 and 10 years, at which time they have reached their maximum accrual rate.
  • Why don’t I accrue as much as the leave code table says I should?
  • There are two possible answers to this question:
    You are a biweekly paid employee
    Most leave code tables have been designed to show the monthly accrual rate, which is calculated after the last day of  every month. If you are a full-time (100 percent), monthly paid employee, the table works very well.  However, biweekly employees will notice that their accruals rarely match the monthly table.  Biweekly paid employees accrue at the end of every second pay period (B2) or quadriweekly cycle of 160 hours; thus, there are 13 quadriweekly cycles in the same 12-month period.  By the end of a year, both monthly and biweekly paid employees have accrued the same annual accrual; it just takes one more quadriweekly cycle for biweekly employees to “catch up.”

    You work less than 40 hours per week
    The leave code tables are based on the accrual rate for a 100% full-time employee.  If you work less than 100% but more than 50%, you will accrue vacation for every hour you work.  If your working hours fall below 50% in a given quadriweekly cycle, you will not accrue vacation for that period.  To calculate the leave rate you accrue for each hour worked, click Comparison of Monthly and Quadriweekly Leave Accrual Calculations and find the column marked “Accrual Rate Per Hour on Pay Status.”
  • How do I transfer my sick leave balance from my former state employer?
  • Your previous state employer must complete the Employee Transfer Data Form and you or your state employer must submit the completed form to your department Records Analyst for processing.
  • I am transferring to the State of California, how do I transfer my qualifying employment service credit, sick and vacation balance?
  • Vacation leave cannot be transferred to the state. Vacation leave will be paid out upon separation.  Sick leave can be transferred with appropriate documentation. Records of earnings will need to be requested from Payroll and sent to the state for service credit verification. Contact your Payroll Representative or your department Records Analyst for assistance.
  • I am transferring without a break in service to another UC Campus.  How do I transfer my qualifying employment service credit, sick and vacation balance?
  • A ”Separation IDOC” is a summary of your employment record at the time of your separation from the Health System. This is the document you will need to provide the other UC Campus in order to transfer your employment service credit, sick and vacation balances. This document can be obtained from your department’s HR Records Analyst.
  • What is the policy on reinstatement of sick leave?
  • An employee who is re-employed after a separation from employment status of less than 15 calendar days shall have all accrued sick leave from prior service reinstated. If the separation from employment status is 15 or more calendar days but less than 6 months, not more than 80 hours of accrued sick leave shall be reinstated. If separation is for 6 months (180 days) or more, accrued sick leave shall not be reinstated. For purposes of this section only, State of California service shall be treated the same as University service.

    A Professional or Support Staff (PSS) member who is reemployed during the period of recall and preferential rehire status shall have all sick leave reinstated. (PPSM 42.F)
  • Where can I get a copy of my job description?
  • All Clinical Nurses and Physicians job descriptions can be obtained from the Records Unit in Human Resources by contacting your department Records Analyst. For all other job descriptions, a copy can be obtained by emailing
  • Where can I get a verification of employment?
  • Employment verifications can be obtained from Payroll by faxing a request to 916-734-9167. Current UC Davis Health  employees can obtain a printable copy of their employment verification through our self-service secured website, “At Your Service Online” under the section Income and Taxes. For employment verification questions, contact Payroll at 916-734-9150.
  • Who do I contact to view or receive a copy of my personnel file?
  • Email to obtain a copy of your personnel file.  Charges may apply for additional copies.
  • I am due for a service pin. Where is my pin?
  • Service Awards are sent to hospital directors and school deans three (3) months in advance to distribute to their respective department managers. If you have not received your expected service pin, email
  • What are Service Awards?
  • Service Awards are given to employees for achieving 5 years of qualifying UC and state service, and for every additional 5 years of UC employment service thereafter. At the end of the month in which an employee qualifies, the service award is sent to the hospital director or school dean to distribute to the employee’s department manager.

    Service Award Milestones and Associated Recognition Gift:    
    05 years:  University pin embossed
    10 years:  University pin embossed
    15 years:  University pin with 1 sapphire
    20 years:  University pin with 2 sapphires
    25 years:  University pin with 3 sapphires
    30 years:  University pin with 4 sapphires
    35 years:  University pin with 5 sapphires
    40 years:  University pin with 1 diamond
    45 years:  University pin with 2 diamonds
  • How do I change my address, phone number or emergency contact information?
  • Your address or phone number can be updated through our self-service secured website, “At Your Service Online” to update your address, phone and emergency contact.
  • How do I change my name in the system?
  • Update your name in UCPath online. Contact Records at for questions.
  • How do I change my tax withholding status?
  • You can update your federal and state tax withholdings through UCPath. If you have been issued a notice of maximum number of withholding allowances permitted from IRS, you will not be able to make changes on your federal tax withholding through “At Your Service Online” website. Your department’s Records Analyst also will not be able to make any changes. Contact IRS for approval and questions.
  • How do I receive paper Direct Deposit Earnings statement?
  • To receive paper Direct Deposit Earnings statement, complete the Online Earnings Statement Exception Form and mail the completed form to the address on the form.
  • I am no longer an employee of UC Davis Health System and have moved.  How can I obtain a copy of my W-2 form?
  • Complete the W-2 request form and submit the form to Payroll Services following the instructions on the form. Notify your Human Resources Records Unit or your department personnel representative before the end of the year of any address change to avoid delays in receiving your W-2.
  • What does OASDI mean on my paycheck?
  • OASDI (Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) is Social Security tax. The current rate is 6.2% and the wage base for 2010 is $106,800. This is a mandatory federal tax withholding.
  • Where can I request copies of my records of earnings?
  • Records of Earnings can be obtained from Payroll by calling 916-734-9150 or by contacting your department Records Analyst.
  • Who is my payroll representative?
  • Click on the link to find your Payroll Representative. Find your payroll representative by the first latter of your last name.
  • How do I get access in eHR in addition to Employee Self Service?
  • 1. Navigate to your Lotus Notes workspace.
    2. Click on the “Online Access Request” icon.  
    3. Click on “New Access Request”
    4. Complete all required fields in yellow
    5. On the “Grant by system”  section, add “eHR”
    6. Specify the department security role to request in the “Comments” section. Descriptions of eHR dept security roles are available here. 
    7. Submit access request to department manager for approval
  • How do I process a cost center, location, funding or FTE change?
  • Send request to Human Resources Records Unit for review and implementation via email, interoffice or fax to 916-734-1754.  For questions on required information and documents, contact your department Records Analyst.
  • How do I request eHR reports on UC Davis Health employees?
  • Reports can be requested by completing the Query Request Form and email the completed form to For Academic reports, email request to Terri Madderra.

    UC Davis Health Staff employee demographic data is available for download on the HR intranet site.