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Open Enrollment FAQs

Top questions and useful answers to help you make sense of your options during this year's Open Enrollment.

Medical Plan FAQs

  • Where can I find information about coverage of a specific medical procedure?
  • Where can I find a full list of available Blue & Gold HMO doctors, medical groups and hospitals?
  • Does my medical plan include behavioral health benefits such as visits to a psychologist or psychiatrist?

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Health Savings Account FAQs

  • Who can establish an HSA?
  • How much money can I contribute to my HSA?
  • Does the money I have in my HSA roll over from year to year, or do I lose the money at the end of the year?

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UCPath Open Enrollment FAQs

  • Do I need to take action if I am not making any changes?
  • How do I make changes during Open Enrollment?
  • When will I see new benefit premium rates for the 2021 plan year on my pay statement?

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