UC Davis Affirmative Action Program

Human Resources works with Compliance and Policy, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Academic Affairs to coordinate and monitor the University's affirmative action efforts.  

Our affirmative action program serves as a working document that outlines the gender, race, veteran and disability status of our current staff at UC Davis within different job groups, and compares that to the availability of qualified candidates locally, statewide, and nationally. If our employee demographics fall short of the corresponding availability of qualified candidates within a job group, then we set a corresponding Affirmative Action goal. These goals inform our recruitment efforts and helps hiring managers identify job boards, outreach events, community organizations, and other resources to reach diverse prospective staff.

It is best-practice to embed diversity into all aspects of your recruitment efforts, and establish consistent pipelines to reach prospective candidates who may fall outside of the normal channels of recruitment. While affirmative action goals provide some direction, our commitment to inclusive excellence requires we strive for diversity in all its forms in our applicant pools.