TES Rate Information

TES Recharge Catch-Up Process

Below is information about the billing of Temporary Employment Services (TES) recharge expenses to departments.  This billing was postponed with the implementation of UCPath (original notification sent on February 12th).

Catch-Up Process: What to Expect

We are in the process of billing departments for TES recharge expenses from September, 2019 through April, 2020. These recharge expenses include the 7% markup fee as well as sick leave accrual charges.


We will be processing the recharges in three batches: Weeks of May 4th; May 11th and May 18th.  By the end of May all “catch-up” charges will have been processed.

Billing Statements

For the “catch-up” charges, and on-going, departments will receive billing statements.

  • The billing statements have a new format – click here for more information and a job aid.
  • Billing statements will be received throughout the month, as TES payroll expenses are incurred.
  • For employees who have had more than one position in UCPath during the “catch-up” period, departments may receive additional manual billing statements.
  • Billing statements will be emailed to the department contact indicated on the TES Assignment Request form.   

Future Process

All TES recharge expense (7% recharge and sick accrual charges) from May going forward will be automatically billed to departments via KFS.

Highlights of the New Process

  • TES customers pay for the salary/wages of their employees – charged to them directly via UCPath.
  • TES recharge expenses (e.g. 7% mark-up plus sick leave accrual pass-through) will be billed via KFS as payroll expenses are incurred, including direct retro salary cost transfers.
  • Departments previously received one billing statement per month; will now see charges throughout the month.
  • Paper billing statements were previously mailed to departments; the new statements  will be emailed to the department contact indicated on the TES Assignment Request form.   
  • Payroll expenses will appear in both UCPath Cognos 339 Payroll Expense Distribution report and in the FIS DS reports. 
  • TES recharges will appear in FIS DS reports only – not in UCPath Cognos.


Please contact Sonya Abel, TES Recharge and Billing Specialist, should you have any questions – srabel@ucdavis.edu.