Department TES Request

Temporary Employment Services promptly delivers candidates, pre-screened and best prepared to meet your staffing needs. 

To request a temporary employee through TES:

  1. Department fills out the TES Request Form completely. Forms with missing information will be returned for completion before they can be processed. Please note- TES Can only use up to TWO recharge accounts.

  2. Please note, TES does not hire current students as our positions are Staff Positions.

  3. TES does not process any hires for less than 50%FTE

  4. Submit completed TES Request Form to

  5. TES will review the request and contact the department if additional information is needed.

  6. If the position requested has not been classified, TES must forward the request to the department Compensation Analyst for Classification. If the request has already been classified, please be sure to provide that information on the request so TES can skip this step.

  7. Once the classification has been confirmed by compensation, TES will review the request against our current pool of vetted, available employees and assign a temporary employee who's skills and experience best fit the position requested. (TES does not post or recruit for specific temporary assignments. In addition we do not share resumes or arrange interviews).

  8. TES will follow up with the department and provide the employee information to the department including the name of the employee, a brief summary of the employee's skills and experience as well as the employee ID and email address for the department access request.